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Monbulk Primary School recieved funding for a Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden in 2011.

We began implementing this program in 2012 after alot of planning went into fitting our library building out and turning this into a kitchen, and also creating our own garden alongside this. Both of these could not have happened without a great deal of community and parent support.

Currently our school provides cooking classes for grades 1-6 and gardening classes for grades 4-6.

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Prep-6: Wednesday 29th January



Key Diary Dates

Back to school


Staff: Tuesday 28th January (Student free day)

Grades 1-6: Wednesday 29th January


Phone: (03) 9756 6481

Fax: 03 9752 1977


1 Main Road, Monbulk

Our School is about expecting more, overcoming challenges and striving for excellence.

Schools are about relationships and order, and with these two things all other things flow. Literacy and Numeracy are the key, the Arts provide the creative spirit for children.

We build talents, skills and achievements of our students through Numeracy and Literacy Skills and through innovative programmes supported by Art-Music- and Physical Education.






Monbulk Primary School is a small school community situated in the Dandenong Ranges about 50kms east of Melbourne. Currently we have 190 students.

Everyone involved with Monbulk Primary School is proud and enthusiastic about our school. We respect children as an important part of the school community and aim to make our school safe, challenging and healthy for all.

“We plan carefully to ensure that children feel safe, secure, valued and listened to.”

The school has exceptionally strong community links. Our parents and the local community are very involved in our school and our students interests.

We, as a school,  have excellent connections with our own community and the organizations within it.