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LOTE Japanese
The Grade 3/4 students have been working on their self-introduction. This culminated in recordings in pairs using the app Yakit Kids. Each student said welcome, my name is …, their age and something they like. They did a fantastic job and were very clear. Just click on the links below to hear their great work.

34 self-introduction a
34 self-introduction b
34 self-introduction c

In Japanese students have been focusing on learning the hiragana writing system. Learning another ‘alphabet’ takes a lot of practise but recently the students experienced the excitement of reading the characters in a new word. When learning about sakura (cherry blossoms) and the hanami picnics that take place in Japan, Grades 1-6 were able to read the characters and their beaming smiles said it all. Their displays below embrace sakura and hanami picnics.
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Physical Education

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