Student Wellbeing

At Monbulk Primary School we educate the whole child. In order to do this we place great importance on the following areas:

Students must be healthy:

Research confirms that students do better in school when they are emotionally and physically healthy. Therefore we provide an extensive Student Leadership program, a Buddies program, Big Brother Big Sister Program, Empower Girls and Empower Boys program, lunchtime clubs and a friendship seat.

Students must be safe:
Feeling safe at school translates into higher academic achievement, increased student well-being, and greater engagement, according to numerous studies. Safety is paramount at Monbulk Primary School and we make it a priority to make all our students feel secure in the classroom and out in the playground.

Students must be engaged:
To learn at their best, students must be engaged and motivated. Our teachers see the importance of developing 21st Century learners through Inquiry learning and the use of technology.

Students must be supported:
Substantial research shows that students who feel both valued by adults and a part of their schools perform better academically and also have more positive social attitudes, values, and behavior. Central to a supportive school are teachers, administrators, and other caring adults who take a personal interest in each student and in the success of each student. We do this by teachers valuing each child’s achievement at our ‘Student of the Month’ assemblies and having focus students in class for the day.

Students need to be challenged:
Students need higher-level thinking, communications, and problem solving skills as well as knowledge of the world and its people. These are all products of a curriculum that challenges students to work harder as they investigate a wide range of real-world subjects. We provide an extensive curriculum that builds the students higher order thinking skills and student voice.

We have a great student leadership program that includes School Captains, House Captains, SRC Captains and Environmental Captains. These students are trained and given roles of responsibility. We are very proud of them!