Community Links

Living & Learning Centre, Kindergarten, Resource Centre

Monbulk Primary school is next to the Living and Learning Centre that is next door to our school. This also includes the Monbulk Pre-school which is part of this large building.

Our school holds the licensee for the 3 and 4 year old rooms.

Monbulk Pre-school is a modern kindgergarten with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.

The Living and Learning Centre also has a Resource Centre which comprises of books available for borrowing in the community and to our school.

Students have been issued borrowing cards so that in the near future, classes can visit the Resource Centre to borrow books on a regular basis.

R.S.L. Connections

At Monbulk Primary School we are largely involved with our local and surrounding community. We have a fantastic partnership with organizations in our community as well as parents and businesses alike.

Every year we partner up with our local R.S.L to commemorate Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

Students march down the main street and lay wreath on behalf of the school.

The School Choir also performs songs such as “The last Anzac.”

Students who participate in organizations such as Rotary or sporting clubs are regularly recognised at our daily school assemblies.

Monbulk Primary School Opportunity Shop
We have the privilege of having our own Monbulk Primary School Opportunity Shop. When customers buy the various second hand goods, the takings and profit goes back into the school to provide funding for classroom resources, and school facilities.Parents and volunteers in the community assist in the running of the store to support our school and the students within it.
Main Road, Monbulk.(opposite school)
Hours of Operation
Monday to Friday
Open school holidays
Closed public holidays

Many Thanks to the Parents and Volunteers that generously donate their time to our School Op Shop.

Anyone interested in joining our Op Shop helpers can contact the school on (03) 9756 6481

Every second year the school runs a fun filled fair that offers many stalls, rides, games, and wonderful food. It is worth coming and spending the day with us. Next year the Fair is on Sunday November 15th, 2020. More details to come.