Our Facilities

Monbulk Primary School has up-to-date modern facilities with many renovations and refurbishments having taken place in the last 5 years.

Many classrooms have been refurbished, resulting in modern and spacious rooms with shelving for children’s bags and storage.

Classrooms were installed with Interactive Smartboards which opens up many opportunities for students and teachers.These electronic boards provide engagement, ICT and innovative learning for all students, giving them access to multimedia via a large screen. Students are instantly engaged when they can tap, write and draw on the board when learning, they’re doing Maths, Reading, Writing or any other subject area.

We are very proud of our innovative, state-of the art Performing Arts centre (a B.E.R Project) which consists of a Visual Arts area, Music area and Before and After school care area. It is absolutely fantastic!

Our school has the following:

*A junior building compromising of 4 classrooms for the younger grades

*A senior building compromising of 6 classrooms for the upper grades

*The Arts Centre –

Compromising of spaces for: Visual & Performing Arts, and Before & After School Care.

*A Hall /Multipurpose room: A large open space used for sport, PMP and special functions.

*A modern, well facilitated kitchen.

*A First Aid room

*School office

*Staff room

Ray Yates Arts Centre

On Thursday 10th November,the Hon. Simon Crean (Minister for the Arts) officially opened our new Ray Yates Arts Centre for operation.

Our new Arts Centre consists of: a Visual Arts and a Before & After School Care room, a Performing Arts room and other offices for Multipurpose use.

In the evening, we had musical performances by the school choir and recorder group and teacher: Liam Porter. This was also along with ‘Big Sing’ performances conducted by Rhonda Davidson-Irwin (wellknown from the ABC show ‘The Workers’), that involved the whole audience singing and performing an array of songs. This proved to be a very enjoyable evening for all who attended.

Our new art and music centre has been designed like a grand piano with the Pianola of ‘Advance Australia Fair’ adorning the exterior of the building.