Bushfire Information

Monbulk Primary School has been determined by the Department to be at high-risk of fire danger and is listed placed on a Bushfire At-Risk Register. (www.education.vic.gov.au , then see bushfires register).

This means on ‘CODE RED’ (catastrophic) fire days the school will automatically close according to Victoria’s new bushfire warning system.

We will endeavour to contact parents by note, SMS, and/ or phone call to inform of impending closure. Announcements will also made  via the media.

 On days other than code red the school will remain open but your child’s attendence should be related to your family’s Bushfire Safety Plan. Please consult the table below for more information on fire ratings and school closures.

 If a threat occurs whilst children are at school, staff will remain on duty at the school until notified by Principal or Police that it is safe to leave.  Initially, students will be kept in classrooms under supervision.

 Children will not leave unless allowed to do so by the principal after information and advice from Country Fire Authority, State Emergency Service or Police.

The Regional Coordinator of Police will advise local Police who will contact schools concerning releasing or holding students in certain areas.  Buses will be notified of children being held at school.

bushfire information