Our Staff

Principal- Lynn Ordish
Prep – Renae Lansdell
Prep- Kerrie Nink
Year 1/2- Jess Holloway
Year 1/2- Dianne Stebbing
Year 1/2- Grace Read
Year 3/4- Danielle Lamport/Rori Vranjes
Year 3/4- Lauren Gibcus
Year 3/4- Robert Boyle
Year 5/6- Wendy Smith
Year 5/6- Liam Porter
Year 5/6- Ruby Russell
Specialist Teachers:
Art/Music- Jade Clarkson
P.E.- Leigh Thomson
Japanese- Bianca Inoue
Kitchen Garden- Sue Brooks
ES Staff:
Office- Cathy Piesley
Business Manager- Nicole Baird
Integration Aide:
Kaye Gray (Multilit and Quicksmart)
Sally Blackett (Multilit and Quicksmart)
Liz Paxton
Rhonda Halliday