mps0A Brief History

On the 18th of January, 1887, in response to a petition signed by 57 local settlers, State School No. 3265, the then “Dandenong Forest Village Settlement State School” was opened. The building itself was second-hand, the white ant-eaten buildings transferred by bullock wagon to Monbulk from Wellington Road State School in December 1886.

The site on which the school was situated was incredibly rough, described by the first head teacher, James B Boyle, as “…in the very heart of the forest, surrounded by trees 100 feet high”  In 1899, following the establishment of an official post office in the town, the school was re-named Monbulk school. Since then the school has had a long and occasionally colourful history, facing a measles outbreak in 1911, and burning down in 1913.