Specialist Programs

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Visual Arts

Our Visual Arts program provides students with the opportunity to explore and indulge in their creative ideas and imagination and show their artistic flair.

Students get to make a wide variety of artworks in the following areas: Drawing/collage, Threads and Textiles, Painting/Printmaking and Modelling and Construction.

Students also explore artists, art eras and artworks, all in all providing them with an appreciation for art and its purpose.

Students artwork is regularly displayed in our school corridors to promote student ownership and celebrate their artistic talents.

Every 2nd year, students artworks are showcased in an Art Show at School’s Fair.
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Performing Arts

Students in all grades get a weekly session with our music teacher, where they get to engage in singing, playing instruments and performing. Our Performing arts program also offers the School Choir. Students who choose to join this regularly perform at school assemblies, special events and regional and city performances with other schools.

Every 2nd year Monbulk Primary School also hold our popular School Production where students get to hone on their drama and dancing skills.

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LOTE – Japanese
Japanese is taught at Monbulk Primary School from Foundation to Grade 6. Students cover language and culture in weekly lessons, focusing on all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. The students enjoy learning the new alphabets and vocabulary and reinforce this knowledge regularly. Mnemonics are used for learning hiragana along with songs and movement to provide visual and aural clues.
Our annual Japanese Day immerses students into the culture and displays their proficiency and growing confidence. The community enjoys the whole school assembly and sharing the display from students, with a range from songs to oral presentations to artworks.

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Physical Education

Our P.E program provides a range of sports, athletics interschool sports and competitions, a Perceptual Motor Program for Prep/1 and other clinics throughout the year such as Rugby and Have-a-kick.
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